Wooden Grain Steel Door

  • High class wooden grain steel imported from Japan, Europe (Italia, Portugese, etc)
  • Hardwares follow Vina-Sanwa's standard or from famous brandname according to Customer's request 
Residence house
  • Durable
  • Soundproof
  • Luxury and cozy atmosphere


  • Strong
  • Termite-resistant
  • No twisting


  • Moisture-resistant
  • Air-tight
  • Fire-rated


  • No shrinking
  • Environmental Friendliness
DL 42
DL 6
DL 91
DL 39
DL 59

MIWA Japan

    Smart Lock with pulling hand

    Piack II (MIWA Japan)

    ALV2 - Lock for Hotel, Apartment

    TK4L Series

GOAL Japan

    V-JCL-ZU 21B (GOLD Japan)
    V-JCLM-ZU 21B (GOAL Japan)

    JCLM-PRCU 21B W8

    JCLM-RNT 22B W13


    YDM 4109 - YALE

    YDM 3115 - YALE

    YDM 3109 - YALE

    YDM 3113 - YALE
Curtain samples:

Differences of Design Door

Differences between Vina-Sanwa Design Door and Timber Door


Design Only wood grain patternNot only wood grain pattern but other simple or modern sheet are also available
QualityAppearance and quality maybe difference depending on kind of wood to be chosen. Finding the proper wood material maybe difficult.Quality of the door is stable either which design pattern sheet is chosen. We always keep Japanese Standard Quality
Due to moisture absorption characteristic, timber door can change its weight, sag its edge to floor and to be broken after using for few years Stable, no twisting, curving, breaking.
Door leaf and frame are made of Japanese high grade steel that is resistant to moisture and corrosion .
TightnessTo be unable to ensure air tightness and sound proof qualityIt can provide good performance of insulation and air tightness with semi air tight door type
Moisture resistant
Due to  moisture absorb, aging of wood may cause warping of the door leaf . It’s weight could be changed as well as door edge could be sagged to floor leading to opening and closing malfunction
No warping of door leaf to steel door is found.
It has high sensitive against corrosion and  no corrosiveness by moisture. 
StabilityDue to low hardness of the wood, it could cause the loosening of the mounting hardware and it leads to malfunctionsHardware  would not be loosen under normal usage
Surface durabilityTo be concerned on peeling off of surface paint after a long termLaminate on the surface of steel is difficult to peel, high scratch resistance
DecorativeDecorative wooden architrave can be installed in order to create luxury appearanceDecorative architrave is not standard to the steel door, however it can be ordered  separately by carpenter work
Free of TermiteUsing natural wood may create termite problemNo worry of termite problem with steel door
Weather resistantDeforestation leads to the destruction of the natural environmentNo worry of the destruction of the natural environment.