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Guidelines on QCVN 13:2018/BXD National Technical Regulations for Car Garages

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Guidelines on QCVN 13:2018/BXD National Technical Regulations for Car Garages

On March 29, 2022, the Ministry of Construction issued document number 1033/BXD-KHCN, which was sent to the Department of Construction in Da Nang regarding QCVN 13:2018/BXD National Technical Regulations for Car Garages.

QCVN 13:2018/BXD specifies in section that "Above-ground car garages are only allowed to be constructed with a maximum height of 9 floors, and underground car garages should not exceed 5 underground floors (excluding mechanical car garages)."

QCVN 13:2018/BXD also stipulates in section that "In walkways and parking areas, the height of the rooms and gates measured from the floor to the lower edge of protruding structures and suspended equipment must be at least 0.2m higher than the height of the tallest vehicle and not less than 2m."

The principle of these technical regulations is to ensure safety for people and structures. In this case, the regulations only define the minimum height of walkways and parking spaces to ensure safety for human activities. The control of the maximum height of car garages is determined by the specialized agencies of the local authorities, ensuring compliance with local architectural regulations and construction planning.

For underground sections of garages, the design should comply with the underground spatial planning of the area (if any) or future underground planning according to architectural management regulations.

For mechanical car garages, the design must adhere to the selected applicable standards, and based on that, the calculation should determine the number of vehicle tires to ensure the overall height of the garage aligns with the construction planning or architectural management regulations at the local level.

For detailed information, please refer to the attached document:


QCVN 13:2018/BXD National Technical Regulations for Car Garages

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